Importance of location

Most people focus their attention directly on a house and its price, and poorly inspect neighborhood in the end. Better do the opposite.
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Buying a property in France

The process of buying a property in France is that simple! With the right assistance and guiding it can be completely hassle free.
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Beautiful houses - classic french style

The French equally appreciate both vintage and new stuff in their houses, here several generations old family furniture can stand side by side with the modern kitchen in high-tech style. Modern apartments can look very unexpected and original, reflecting the individuality of the owner. 
Although classics of XVII-XVIII centuries has never been forgotten - the most luxurious and ornate interiors and houses are performed in Baroque and Rococo style. The "Empire" style is slightly more modest..

Classic french style

Baroque - means massive richly upholstered furniture of valuable types of wood, frescoes on the ceiling, marble walls, marble floors, omnipresent gilding, giant four-poster beds and sculptures, of course. Applied colors are bright and saturated, everything is ruled by symmetry and ostentatious luxury. This style does not tolerate small rooms - the more spacious apartments are, the better.

The Baroque architechture is in general presented by curvilinear forms, decorated by mascarons, colonnades, stacked domes of complex shapes and a large number of sculptures. Columns and pilasters are also often replaced with male (telamons) and female (caryatids) sculptures. 


Rococo - the heir of Baroque style of the times of Louis XV. More decorations, more cluttered interior. Patterned parquet, carpets-tapestries, wood-paneled walls decorated with carving and gilding are applied. Furniture legs are gracefully arched and have wave shape, lots of candlesticks, sconces, mirrors in carved frames used everywhere and chandeliers are simply huge. Everything, where it is possible, is furnished with sculptures, figurines and other decorative interior.

The Rococo style has very soft colors - blue, pink, light green, plus gold and silver.

In architecture the Rococo violates the canons of Baroque: straight lines and smooth surfaces are hidden behind the intricate stuccoed ornaments, roof's edge is decorated with balustrades, other architectural elements are also changed and covered with various inserts. Such buildings look original, luxurious, and against the backdrop of monumental baroque - they also look fun.


Empire - the third classic style of the time of Napoleon I. Empire style architecture is inconceivable without columns and pilasters, stuccoed cornices and antique sculptures, building's facade is strictly symmetrical. The elements of the architecture of great empires of antiquity - ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece are applied, everything is aimed at demonstrating the superiority and power of the owner.

Apartments, furnished in this style, look majestic, as a part of imperial palace. High officials' residences, elite restaurants, wedding shops and, of course, theaters are othen built in this style. Leather furniture, heavy curtains with rich draperies, paintings, decorative walls, jewelry, crystal and porcelain, head and paws of animals in decorating elements, plus the best of the Baroque and the Rococo are used here.

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