Why do you need help with paperwork in France

Trying to solely manage all the papers needed in a foreign country - is not just a stress, it is also a big risk to get fine or be deported
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Quintessential Riviera beach experience

Sun. Sea. Rosé and sea food - The French Art de vivre and gourmandises are the must of every single person on the Riviera!
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How to buy property successfully

Even having no experience in buying or selling real estate you can avoid most of problems, if you follow these advices:

- Clearly decide why you need a new house. You may think that you know the answer to this question very well, but the more requirements and conditions to the location and the house itself you can specify, the more you will be satisfied with a relevant purchase. For example, if you are looking for a house for a large family to have a place for growing children and parents in retirement - in addition to the number of bedrooms, you'll have to take availability of schools, parks and shops in the area into account. And if you are moving in order to change your job - it is important to consider what transportation services are available and how long it will take you to get there.

- Explore the area. Drive through the area around the house you liked, mark places that you like and which you don't, go to the nearest cafe which you may start visiting regularly, look at the people who live here. Most important thing - if you like this place, look at the nearby houses and their prices.

- Know your budget. When people choose a house in a catalog, they rarely think about other expenses that will follow immediately after purchasing property. Afterwards, it appears that amount is quite noticeable - add up regular costs of transportation to shopping and job with utility bills, garbage collection, telephone, internet, parking, several local fees and additional taxes, and you may find that the proposal is not as advantageous as it seemed at first sight or that you are not prepared for such expenses.

- Keep your papers properly. The more organized you are, the better. Be reserved by copies of all your key documents and bank notifications, get a special folder for this, because there will be a lot of papers. Do not forget to also put there your list of unclarified questions regarding real estate, dates, prices and a list of criteria by which you will ultimately determine whether or not to make a deal. It is much easier to handle so many details on paper, than in your mind. This simple tip will save you much time at a meeting with a realtor or bank employee.

- Do not rush. Beware to make emotional decisions when buying real estate - it is not an impulsive demand commodity. Even if you are enthusiastic about the proposed house and want to buy it as early as possible, wait until your emotions subside a bit - maybe you've missed something important. It is important to perform such big deals in cold blood, even the most attractive offer may conceal pitfalls, take time to find them all.

Buying property - is not the most complicated process in the world, but it requires your due diligence, self-organization and assistance of a professional real estate agency, such as we are.

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