Importance of location

Most people focus their attention directly on a house and its price, and poorly inspect neighborhood in the end. Better do the opposite.
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Luxury real estate in France

The Luxury Real Estate Market on the French Riviera - financial crisis doesn't affect the value of properties, and the coast seems immune to world's economic downturns.
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Importance of location

Most people focus their attention directly on a house and its price, and poorly inspect neighborhood in the end. But it's best to do the opposite and start from checking what is around. Here is a short list of problems related to the underestimation of the real estate location:

- Basing decision on events in a short term. People move on circumstances, that may change at any time - you may change your mind about having children, divorce, leave your job, something else like this, and previously selected house won't suit you any more. But you may still decide to buy it without reconsideration. For example, despite the divorce or loss of a loved one, you can move to a quiet suburb in proud loneliness, and instead of a planned family idyll suddenly find yourself in social isolation, away from public places - even libraries may not be nearby. As a solution - always consider current position of your affairs and planned future, listen with caution to advices on living from a large family, if you are single, and vice versa. Also note how your  work and interests are similar to advisor's.

- Not verifying originally made assumptions. You may hear from folks that you selected a very good district with low crime rates, good schools, low taxes and... just believe it, not checking anything of this. In such case, a sudden appearance of construction site and highway rebuilding nearby, limited admission at the local school and a special tax, missed by your friends, can become a real surprise for you. Make sure that your real estate agent is aware of all these nuances, visit local police station and find out real crime rates and tendencies in your area. And if you want to know what lies beyond the words "a good school" - visit it yourself, talk to its principal.

- Ignoring transportation problems. Chose a house on a street with picturesque Victorian facades? How often would you look at them, if you come back home from work at night and leave before sunrise? And how much will you overpay for gasoline because of these views? Choosing a house, you may drive up to it in the middle of the day, in the hours with minimal traffic, and decide that the ride was not so long, and only after purchase, you will learn about the morning and evening rush hours in the area ... Tip: check how long it takes to get to your workplace and back home in worst cases. If the trip takes more than 45 minutes - maybe you should choose another house.

- Ignoring your neighbors. Do not hesitate to leave the car and talk to people who are cleaning their lawns, walking a dog, or just resting outdoors. Talk to your potential neighbors, learn how they live here. It is possible, it will turn out that local people don't fit your age, mentality and basic interests. Don't forget to do this both in the morning and in the evening.

- Ignoring availability of leisure and entertainment nearby. How are you going to spend your weekends? Where to go? Where will you make your promenades? In what cafe will you invite your friends? Have you already decided where to go with your kids? Imagine yourself a tourist, seek out all sights and attractions, find out if this place has everything what you need for a weekend.

The most wonderful house may be useless and bring no joy, if it is in the wrong place for you, destroying your favorite lifestyle. Just be careful about the details and everything will be fine.

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