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The Luxury Real Estate Market on the French Riviera - financial crisis doesn't affect the value of properties, and the coast seems immune to world's economic downturns.
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Invest in Monaco - a well known investment capital

The lifestyle and the advantageous fiscal law have made Monaco an attractive location for demanding investors.
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Invest in Monaco - a well known investment capital


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The lifestyle, the security, the political stability and the advantageous fiscal law have made Monaco an attractive location for demanding investors.

Based on the French Riviera, Monaco benefits from all the beauty of the Mediterranean landscape and climate, with a special political system, a unique economical and fiscal one, efficient administrative units, numerous and divers financial activities.

Monaco' s economy is mainly based on 3 pillars: finance, commerce, and tourism

Monaco offers a prestigious and dream life style, security for it’s residents and their homes, advance welfare and health care.

Monaco is the place where business does combine with pleasure.

An important part of the investment made in Monaco is due to non-residents,living in Monaco temporarily,while French nationals who desire to benefit from the advantageous inheritance tax laws represent an important part of the population living in Monaco.


There are 37 banks, and more than 42 portfolio and fund management companies. This rich and divers banking system is more than sure to satisfy any request.

Confidentiality is one of the main bullet points of Monegasque banking.

The private banks in Monaco can manage your international assets, and provide at the same time financial resources for an investment project

Should you need a consultancy in this field, Our agency can put you in touch with Private bankers in Monaco.

Fiscal information

The legal and tax aspects in Monaco make this destination not only a glamorous resort and luxurious place to live in, but a well known investment strategic location.

The main thing to know- there is no direct taxation on income, capital gain (except for French Residents) or corporate taxation. However, companies that don't make 75% of their turnover in Monaco are subject to a tax of 33,33% on their profits, as well as companies earning revenues from patents, trademarks, literary and artistic property rights.

There is no Wealth Tax either.

There are no property taxes in Monaco.

Rental properties are subject to a 1% tax of the annual rent (in addition to estimated service charges). This tax is due by the tenant.

The profits tax rate is 33.33%.

Assets located in Monaco are subject to inheritance tax rates as follows:

  • direct line of descendance: 0%
  • between brothers and sisters: 8%
  • between uncles and nephews: 10%
  • between relatives, siblings: 13%
  • between non-relatives: 16%

Real estate

Properties for sale in Monaco are and have always been on demand, mainly because:

  • The advantages of buying a property in Monaco – the exceptional life style, the tax advantages of the residents, the high level of security etc.
  • The rare and limited offer of properties for sale in the Principality.
  • The stable trend in property value and increasing prices
  • Also, there is no land tax, or occupancy tax in Monaco.

For more information concerning the Real Estate market in Monaco and properties for sale in the Principality, consult Realfrenchriviera professionals.

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